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mom to 2 posh divas liquids experiment with oil water and food coloring .
it utilizes the simplest ingredients like salt food coloring water and oil to gain most amazing liquid show that will appear before your eyes .
lava lamp .
storm 5 .
an abstract design with oil water and blue food coloring dropped into the mixture .
wooden matchstick with red tip floating on surface of a mixture oil and water drops food coloring next to match .
i poured about 8 drops of food coloring into each bottle then added seltzer the combines with oil water and to .
okay next up is soap and water this one super simple too all you need dish liquid food coloring just fill the bottle halfway .
oil water food coloring .
veg oil water seltzer food coloring and a bottle fill 2 3 with 1 keeping in mind to leave at the top .
you will need flour vegetable oil cream of tartar salt water and food coloring .
3 .
add a few drops of your desired food coloring .
drew .
density experiment with oil water and food coloring drop salt in .
make a rainbow in jar .

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